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The importance of limits and consequences for children

    • Limits are like lines on a sports field. If you cross them the consequence is the game stops, or someone gets a penalty. Children can understand limits and consequences in the same way.
    • An example of this is saying ‘you’ll be cold if you don’t wear your coat.’ Or - ‘if you want to stay up ‘til 8.30pm at the weekend your light needs to be off by 7.30pm in the week.’
    • Sometimes we call limits ‘rules’. It’s completely natural for children to test limits to see how far they can stretch them.
    • Parents can help children become independent and responsible using limits and consequences.
    • They make children feel safe as they know what’s expected of them.
    • It tells children that adults are in charge and looking after them.
    • Limits and consequences teach children to make good choices.
    • Children can then create their own boundaries to say ‘no’ to situations that may hurt them.
    • Limits and consequences take the heat out of power struggles. You and your child know exactly what’s required and what will happen if rules are not followed.

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