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Raising a resilient child 

- Help them deal with life’s challenges

  • Resilience is the ability to do well despite challenges in life. It helps us adapt successfully and bounce back from adversity, failure, conflict and disappointment. 

    When faced with challenges and difficulties, resilient children still experience anger, grief and pain. But they can function and recover. 

    Resilient children also tend to persist in the face of a difficult task, know when to ask for help and are more able to tolerate failure. They can be confident in their own lovability and value too, which helps with good self-esteem.  

    Resilience is the result of a complicated interaction between nature, nurture and events. It’s influenced by what the child is born with, what they grow up with, and what happens to them.

  • As caregivers, we play an important role in promoting resilience in our children. Our instinct is to support and protect, but no-one can escape stress, risks, adversities, and other challenges; they are part of being alive. In fact, a tolerable amount of all those things can help children develop resilience.  

    It’s hard to see our children face big challenges. But many will experience things like parental separation, bereavement, bullying and failures. These challenges can affect their mental health and development, but resilient children can do well as they face them.  

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