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Problem-solving with Children

- Problem solving is a skill that children will need to learn and practice, here is how you can help.

  • Children will face all sorts of problems and challenges every day.

    For example:

    • arguments with siblings over a toy,
    • problems with their peers at an activity,
    • or struggles with homework.

    Many children react by crying, arguing, sulking or even withdrawing completely. They may even turn to violence.

    Then they find that none of these responses are helpful and they can make their situation worse.

  • As parents, it’s often tempting to tell our children what they should have done when they had a problem.

    Or we go to the other extreme and tell them to solve the problem themselves, especially with siblings!

    But most children need to learn the steps of problem solving. They need to practice sorting things out with your support.

    This will increase their self-confidence, and teach them to think flexibly and creatively. They’ll be more able to keep going when they find things hard. And they’ll even learn better ways to manage their emotions.

    Check out our blog on this topic, where our Programme Leader for Family Work, Judah Racham shares his personal insights on problem solving with his three boys.

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