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My child is anxious

- If your child seems anxious – for instance, they’re not their usual self - take time to understand what’s going on. You’ll then be in a better place to help them.

Things you can try

  1. Start by letting your child know you’ve noticed a change in their behaviour or mood.

    You could say something like - ‘you seem a bit wobbly today, what’s up? I’m wondering if you’re a bit worried about something.’

  2. Encourage your child to tell you how they feel.

    Asking - "maybe you’re worried about speaking in assembly today?"

  3. Teach your child to calm anxious feelings by breathing slowly together, rocking gently, or listening to calming music. You could even try yoga!

  4. Or your child may feel better after doing something very active, like running or skipping. Or going for a walk.

  5. There are other things you can do to you can help your child cope with situations that make them anxious.

    For instance, if they’re anxious about going on a play date, keep the play date short and make sure it’s with a familiar friend.

    I wanted to say don’t worry. But I realised the best way for me to help my child was to acknowledge how they were feeling and not to find that frightening. It was good to remind us both that being anxious is normal and going for a walk and using our breath to calm us, helps.

  6. Look after yourself too.

    Talk to other adults, you’re not alone and your child’s anxiety can make you anxious too.

  7. Your child is unique and we hope there are some takeaways here that work for you. If you’re looking for help parenting children with additional needs, you can get specific advice from specialist organisations. Check out our list of support that we can recommend.

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