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Healthy habits for parenting

  • We all want to give our children the best we can. We’ve all had moments when looking after our children is the most rewarding thing in the world. But we’ve all been completely drained too. It can be so demanding.

    Self-care is about finding ways to look after yourself. When you look after yourself you are looking after your children too.

    Here are some of the benefits:

    • It’s essential to good mental health.
    • When you look after your own emotions, you’ll be more likely to help your child manage theirs.
    • It’ll help you make sure you’ve got enough in your ‘tank’ to give to your child when they need it.
    • You’ll be a role model, and your children will learn from you how to look after themselves.
  • Of course, it can be almost impossible to find enough time. Some days we’re all just grateful if we manage to drink our tea before it goes cold.

    It’s also pretty easy to think of some of the things we need to do as self-indulgent or completely out of reach.

    But if we think of healthy habits and self-care as things that we can do when we are with our children as well as when we’re on our own – it gets easier to squeeze in a few useful tricks.

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