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Reading with your child

- Benefits you could be missing out on and tips to help

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  • A child that loves reading often finds school easier, learns better and gets more opportunities. Reading with your child from an early age helps them learn to love reading.

    Reading with them will:

    • Help them develop good reading habits
    • Make it easier for them to read on their own later
    • Develop their interest in stories and the joy that understanding words and pictures can bring.

    It’s also a great shared experience for you both:

    • Together you can look at picture books – which can start a conversation about fears and worries or help your child share their feelings. Great for emotional literacy and social skills!
    • The sense of connection and having fun together can really strengthen the bonds between you
    • You get a chance to talk about values, choices and cultural identity together
    • It promotes good mental health – for you both!
  • It’s one of those things that feels like it might take up a lot of time – many of us worry “how am I going to fit it in” - and then feel guilty when we don’t manage it! It’s important to remember just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference – and skipping the odd day isn’t the end of the world either.

    Some parents might also worry if they can read well enough, or if they are sharing the right books – but there is no right or wrong way to read together. It can even be a good thing for you to learn together.

    When your child starts learning to read – they can be really frustrated at not being able to do it. It can take a bit of persistence and patience to make sure it doesn’t turn into a battle.

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