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My child is struggling with peer pressure

- It’s never too early to help your child stand up to peer pressure.

Illustration of a child saying no to another child

Things you can try

  1. Your child’s peers are important to them but, usually, you’re the one they’ll listen to the most

    Start by understanding the pressures your child is facing to help you support them. Peer pressure is when your child is influenced by others in their age group. It can be a good and bad.

  2. Model being able to say ‘no’ and not going along with their pressure

    Say ‘no’ calmly and firmly when you need to when your child tries to persuade you to let them join in with others. Even when they’re saying ‘Pleeeeeease’ or complaining that ’it’s not fair’ and ‘everyone else can’.

  3. Support your child’s healthy friendships

    Help them to recognise friends that truly care about them and those who don’t. Encourage your child to do things that make them feel good about themselves. This will mean that they are less likely to need the affirmation of others.

  4. Coach them in the process of thinking things over before deciding what to do

    For example, saying ‘’ ok, so what would happen if you did that?’

  5. Be calm and open to your child talking through the things that they want to do or have done in order to fit in even if it shocks you

    Try: ‘Help me understand why you want to do/have that’.

  6. Remember this is hard for you too

    If you need it, get support from a partner or other parents. Everyone is in the same boat.

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