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Helping your child prepare for Secondary or High School

- Help your child make that huge leap from primary to secondary or high school. Here are some things to that’ll build your child’s confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Things you can try

  1. Start by understanding why it’s hard, it can really help

    Moving from primary to secondary or high school happens to everyone. Some children are ready - they’re excited about going and manage well when they get there. But it can be a huge leap for other children and their families.

  2. Reassure them it’s normal to feel excited and scared and nerves help us prepare for challenges

    Remind them it may take time for them to feel settled and they might get things wrong as they get used to a new situation, and that’s OK!

    Check out our Art Room's wellbeing activity, developed in collaboration with BAFTA to help children reflect on how they feel ahead of this transition: River Journey: Moving up to Secondary or High School.

  3. Talk to them about how they coped with changes and transitions in the past

    Remind them that not everything is going to change – some routines will stay the same – and plan ahead.

  4. Consider other things they may be worried about before they start their new school

  5. Once your child starts secondary or high school, be understanding of the strain that changing school brings

    Try talking to your child regularly about it.

  6. Listen out for how they’re getting on making new friends and how they feel about their peer group

    Check that all’s well on social media. Encourage your child to develop new friendships, for instance support them meeting friends outside of school.

  7. Prepare yourself (as a parent). It’s okay to be worried too

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