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Help your child manage separations and goodbyes

    • New situations, people and places can be scary for many children.
    • When children are worried or frightened, they want to stay close to their caregivers.
    • It’s completely normal for younger children to feel anxious about separating.
    • It’s also good because it keeps them safe as they learn to manage new experiences.
    • You can feel anxious when leaving your child. You may worry about whether they will be ok – this is completely normal.
    • When your child is incredibly upset, you’re likely to get upset too.
    • You may also feel frustrated or embarrassed by their behaviour. Or find it hard to think straight - making it hard to ‘listen’ to what their behaviour is telling you.
    • And that can make your child more upset, so things get worse, instead of better.
    • It can feel suffocating when your child won’t leave you alone. Or if they want your attention all the time. Sometimes the more you need space the more your child seems to need you.
    • And, when you try to leave them at school, or with someone else, it's hard if they’re screaming and clinging to your knees.

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