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Helping your child develop talents

- Helping your child develop talents and avoid hot housing.

  • Every child has a talent in one area or another. A talent can be something that a child is born with, but it can also be something that a child learns, develops, and comes to love.

    Being talented isn’t about being famous or being the best. And talents are not limited to the most popular areas such as football and music. They exist in every area of life. It’s also important to recognise that talent is not only an end-product but also a process or journey that a child can follow and enjoy.

    Parents are in a good position to recognise and help children’s talents to grow. But you can’t force a child to become talented at something that does not fit with their unique personality.

    Support them to achieve their full potential by paying attention to their unique interests and fostering them.

  • Talent is partly born and partly made. Discovering and nurturing a talent helps it grow and blossom.
    Identifying and nurturing your child’s talents can be an enjoyable experience. Children and parents can enjoy working with talents together. It can help to develop a better relationship too.

    Children can also benefit from having their talent(s) nurtured:

    • It helps children to learn by doing things they like and enjoy 
    • It helps them develop better confidence, resilience and self-regulation skills
    • It helps children’s brain development and mental health
    • It helps children express themselves in new and creative ways.

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